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Septic tank cleaning is essentially the same process as septic tank pumping. With approximately one third of all Americans using a septic system to treat the waste in their homes, it is important to know how a septic system works, and what goes into the process of septic tank cleaning.

A septic system is relatively simple. All of the drains in your home – toilets, sinks, showers, washing machine, and dishwasher – converge into a single pipe where all of the waste combines and is carried to the septic tank buried outside. While these septic systems are fairly simple in design, it is extremely important that you schedule routine maintenance. Without this routine maintenance, a small problem in the septic tank can evolve into a much more serious problem that will require thousands of dollars worth of parts and labor that could have been avoided.

The most important aspect of this maintenance is proper septic tank cleaning. Over the years, the sludge and scum layers in a septic tank will build up. Without proper cleaning, the septic tank may reach its limit and begin to overflow. When a septic tank overflows, the waste inside has to travel somewhere, and may times, it will make its way back into your home and leak out of the drains. Another possibility is that this waste could leak above ground and flood your yard. To avoid these costly problems, it is important that you have your septic tank and system cleaned every one to three years. To be safe, you should have your septic system checked yearly to determine if it needs to be cleaned.

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